Business Text Messaging: The 6 Best Services For New Companies

Emma Brown
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The 6 Best Business Text Messaging Services for New Companies

In the modern world, there are more ways than ever to connect with customers. You aren’t limited to traditional forms of marketing such as newspaper ads and television. Now, you can reach customers via social media and mobile apps. This makes it much easier to forge relationships with clients. Business text messaging, also known as SMS marketing, may seem antiquated compared to contemporary forms of marketing. However, research reveals it to still be staggeringly effective.

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In 2020 alone, 2.2 trillion text messages were sent in the United States. Furthermore, studies have shown that SMS messages have a 98% open rate. This is astronomically high—email’s open rate is just 20%.

When used correctly, SMS marketing ensures your marketing campaigns achieve maximum visibility. It also opens an easy channel of communication between your business and its customers. To start your business text messaging journey, you’ll need some simple software.

Before You Send Those Texts, Use Landline Remover

For your business text messaging efforts to be effective, you need to reach as large of an audience as possible. This is usually achieved through a list of numbers gathered by your marketing and sales teams. Over time, your list of contacts will inevitably pick up numbers that shouldn’t be there. This includes numbers on the Do-Not-Call (DNC) Registry and landline numbers.

DNC Registry numbers have indicated they don’t want to receive telemarketing. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) protects these numbers, and federal law prohibits businesses from contacting them. The FTC has fined businesses in the past for not respecting the registry, and you must regularly update your contact lists to ensure they don’t contain DNC Registry numbers.

You should also avoid landline numbers because they result in wasted SMS messages, which equals wasted money. Though a single text isn’t expensive, wasting a significant portion of your bulk SMS marketing budget on landline numbers results in avoidable losses. With some marketing teams wasting up to 30% of their budgets on landline numbers, the need for a solution is evident.

Use Landline Remover to quickly and efficiently scrub your contact lists of DNC Registry numbers and landline numbers. We use DNC data that’s within 72 hours fresh from the federal and state levels, ensuring your contact lists are always up to date. Furthermore, businesses of any size can use the service, whether you have 10 or 10,000 numbers to check.

The Six Best Business Text Messaging Services for New Companies

At first, SMS marketing may seem restrictive. You only have about 160 characters or so of text to play around with. This is actually an advantage, as it saves your marketing team the money and time needed to design images and other promotional materials required for alternative forms of marketing. It’s also an instant way to reach a wide audience. With a single text, you can tell thousands of customers about a flash sale or new item.

Texting lacks the formalities of other communication platforms such as email. This allows you to build a friendly, trusting relationship with your customers. It’s a means of communication that isn’t intrusive, doesn’t take long to respond to, and provides an easy way for your business to perform data analytics on customer responses.

To get started with SMS marketing, you first need a good business text messaging service. There are many on the market, and their features are varied. Consider the needs of your business and your clients when deciding which service is right for you.

1. Textdrip

When it comes to SMS marketing, it’s hard to go wrong with Textdrip. It simplifies and automates the process, allowing you to seamlessly blend business text messaging into your marketing strategy. Simply import contacts into the software using CSV format files, then schedule precisely when you want to text your contacts. Have an early morning reminder for customers? Does a sale start at noon? Plan when you send texts to let your customers know.

As the name suggests, Textdrip is most effective when it comes to SMS drip campaigns. In this marketing campaign, you schedule automated texts to go to customers. Is a new car about to release? A dealership might use an SMS drip campaign in the weeks leading up to its availability to entice customers. This is a far more effective way to catch a customer’s attention than sending a single text they’ll quickly forget. Be careful not to overdo this method though, or your texts will end up feeling like spam.

Texts are a two-way dialogue, and this is something you can track with Textdrip. The program allows you to view previous conversations through an interface you can access on PC and mobile devices. With multiple pricing plans available, you can pick the precise package your business needs. While some businesses are satisfied with simple texts, others may wish to implement multimedia messages that feature animated GIFs or images. Either way, Textdrip has you covered.

Like most of the examples on the list, Textdrip offers a credit-based payment plan. You get 1,000 credits to start with, and each credit costs $0.012. Every text sent costs a single credit, and you can top-up your credits as required. This makes it easy for your business to scale up or down depending on its needs.

2. Textedly

Textedly is an established name when it comes to bulk SMS marketing. It’s a good choice for businesses that already have tech solutions in their marketing strategies, as it easily integrates with many popular applications, including Slack, Mailchimp, Zapier, and Salesforce.

Large companies such as Walmart, FedEx, Disney, and eBay have used Textedly’s services, which demonstrates its experience in the industry. It offers 12 pricing plans, which greatly helps with scalability. Regardless of how rapidly your business grows, you can easily move up the pricing tiers to find the package that accommodates your needs.

3. Clickatell

Cickatell isn’t new to the industry. The company is all about innovation, and its take on business text messaging is centered on maximizing the platform’s potential.

With Clickatell, you turn SMS messages into more than just a marketing platform. For instance, use texts to send payment links, allowing customers to complete sales easily. According to Smart Insights, 97% of customers have abandoned a sale due to inconvenience. Prevent this by using texts to smooth out the online shopping process.

Clickatell also allows you to use business text messaging to provide customers with real-time notifications, including updates, alerts, and promotions. Improve security for your online customers by sending one-time passwords (OTPs) to verify purchases. The possibilities are virtually endless. When implemented correctly, texting can drastically improve your business’s customer experience.

With Clickatell, your customers won’t just be receiving texts—they’ll be replying as well. Best of all, you won’t need extra staff to do it. Clickatell’s automated solutions offer real-time chat flow, allowing customers to complete tasks such as finding answers to FAQs, changing details on their accounts, or rescheduling appointments. If that doesn’t work, the platform can redirect the customer to your service reps.

4. Twilio

Twilio is also a great solution for businesses of all sizes. You can send SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp messages all on the same software with Twilio, allowing you to easily implement multichannel communication support. It also facilitates two-way conversations, easily answering customer questions and solving their problems.

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Use Twilio in a variety of contexts to improve customer experience and marketing. For example, improve security by sending OTPs to verify transactions. Or, send promotional materials to inform customers of upcoming sales and promotions. To impress customers, send texts reminding them of their appointments and subscriptions.

Turn texting into a platform for customer service as well. Twilio’s two-way SMS support lets you handle customer support via text. This allows customers to solve their issues quickly and conveniently.

Despite how robust Twilio is, you don’t need much technical knowledge to get your business text messaging up and running. Your marketing team will easily get the hang of things, allowing them to take full advantage of the software from day one.

5. EZ Texting

EZ Texting is a service that emphasizes ease and convenience. Like other business texting services, it can be used for marketing and sales. This can be a great way to draw a younger audience—75% of millennials prefer using SMS to find out about deliveries, promotions, and other useful information. With a strategically placed emoji and the right register used, you can build a strong connection with this demographic, allowing them to see your business as more than just a corporate entity.

EZ Texting also makes customer service as hassle-free as possible. Do customers need to confirm orders? Query a recent purchase? Find out about restocks? Customer experience is greatly enhanced if they can acquire the answers they need through simple texts. With a record of all customer interactions readily available, it’s also easy for your customer care agents to analyze data. This, combined with customer feedback, ensures your customer experience is constantly improving.

Use texts to quickly share vital information with all staff and remind them about important upcoming meetings. In addition, you can use texts to provide regular updates to current employees and even to recruit new ones. Used correctly, texting software can smooth your business’s workflow and have your teams working with more synergy than ever.

With EZ Texting, communication within your business is also conveniently recorded. This makes it a powerful way to improve productivity and organization. For example, the software has built-in analytics tools that tell you how your message performed. It can also advise you on how to improve the performance of future SMS marketing campaigns.

6. SimpleTexting

SimpleTexting is another business text messaging software that has been used by many big names, including Starbucks, Samsung, and Cisco. It offers everything you need to launch a successful SMS marketing campaign. Two-way messaging allows for easy communication between your business and customers, while you can use MMS marketing for your flashier campaigns.

SimpleTexting makes data analytics easy thanks to link tracking, which allows you to see who’s checking your links and who isn’t. It also offers text message data collection, which gives you a window into your customer base. When this information is smartly organized, it can be used to fuel highly effective marketing campaigns.

For example, a sports store might use keywords to send hockey marketing material to customers who play the sport. A follow-up message can ask those who engage with the text whether the promotional material was relevant. SimpleTexting uses this information to make its services more accurate.

You won’t have to redesign your workplace’s tech stack for SimpleTexting, as it’s compatible with many popular programs, including Zapier, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Shopify, and Hubspot. It’s also accessible via PC or mobile, allowing you to take control wherever you are.

Make Landline Remover a Part of Your Business Text Messaging Campaign

All the above business text messaging services are great ways to connect with large audiences. What’s more, SMS marketing is typically quite cost-effective. However, there is the potential for your campaign to bleed money if your contact list is full of landline numbers. This is an especially big blow to small businesses that can’t afford unnecessary losses.

When your business is dealing with hundreds or thousands of numbers, it’s impossible for a human to manually scrub a list of all landline numbers. With Landline Remover, you can rest assured that your texts will reach mobile phones, so people have the opportunity to engage with your business and become loyal customers.

Landline Remover lets you easily upload a CSV file of your contact numbers and receive a scrubbed list within seconds. It’s also cost-effective, as there is no subscription and you only pay for what you use. Pay only $0.002 per number checked or $2 for 1,000 numbers.

Ensure your SMS marketing campaign is a success. Sign up with Landline Remover now and get 1,000 credits free.