Text Marketing: What Businesses Should Know This Holiday Season?

Emma Brown
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How Businesses Can Get the Most Out of Text Marketing This Holiday Season

The ever-present challenge of outpacing the competition lies in capturing your target audience’s attention. Few marketing strategies have achieved this better and more cost-effectively than text marketing.

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And while there are countless opportunities to use SMS marketing to your advantage throughout the year, the holiday season reigns supreme. It’s when consumerism is at its highest, after all. Seize the moment with mass text marketing! Let Landline Remover get you there—the right way—by ensuring your marketing contact lists are scrubbed of all unwanted numbers.

Why Text Marketing?

Thanks to modern technology, marketing opportunities are bursting at the seams. Luckily, you don’t have to choose just one—in fact, you shouldn’t! Using a mix of marketing platforms helps you to expand your reach as far as possible. Whichever mix you deem fit for you, it’s vital that text marketing be a part of it. In addition to being a direct line to the mobile phones in everyone’s pockets, SMS also boasts an impressive open rate compared to other communication channels.

Emails get sent to spam folders, customers ignore calls, and television adverts are losing influence as cable television goes the way of the dodos. SMS, with an open rate of up to 98%, have proven themselves impossible to ignore. This is astronomically high compared to other commonly used marketing channels, like email, which only warrants opens a measly 20% of the time. Given these numbers, it’s no surprise 63% of customers would switch to a company that offers SMS as a communication channel. They’re telling you what they want, give it to them!

Benefits of Text Marketing

Though it’s the season for gifting, it’s also the busiest time of the year. SMS is the quickest and most direct way to remind customers that your company has what they need to put a smile on their families’ faces this holiday season. Better yet, texts are an immediate form of communication, as 70% of Americans check their phones within 5 minutes of receiving a notification. A well-timed text marketing campaign can make your business the go-to for last-minute gifts this holiday season.

Not to mention, bulk texting is a uniquely cheap way to reach the masses. With the right texting platform, you don’t need to trade quality for quantity, either. Segmenting your marketing contact list into different categories ensures different groups of customers receive texts catered to their interests. Text marketing can take things even further with the art of personalization. This ensures customers feel like valued individuals and not walking dollar signs.

Getting Started: Text Marketing Best Practices

There are some best practices to abide by to ensure you get the most out of your text marketing campaign. They are as follows:

1. Don’t be shy, text first.

Rule number one is to stay ahead of the game. That means don’t start your SMS campaign on Christmas Eve! Get your customers in the festive spirit well in advance with texts reminding them of your upcoming coming holiday catalog and sales. This allows your customers to start planning their shopping and saving up for pricier items.

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2. Texting is a two-way street.

You can also put yourself a step ahead of your competition by ensuring that your texts are two-way. Not only should customers receive texts, but they should also be free to send them as well. Are you marketing a new stock of winter boots? Let customers text you back to reserve a pair before they sell out.

3. Boost brand recognition.

Boost brand recognition by using a 10-Digit Long Code (10DLC) for your text marketing. This looks more like a regular mobile number that your friend might have, rather than a standard, five-digit code that wreaks of big-name marketers.

4. Read the room.

Consumers receive and send texts all the time. That doesn’t mean ‘all the time’ is the perfect opportunity to engage in SMS marketing, though. Certain times of the day are more impactful than others when it comes to text marketing. Morning texts are ideal, as they plant the seed to be the first thing on your customers’ minds. There are also some days to avoid texting, like Saturdays and public holidays. These are days when people just want to curl up with their families. Read the room and wait to hit send!

5. Adhere to legalities.

Most importantly, be compliant with laws and regulations in all that you do. Make receiving texts from your business an opt-in feature. Furthermore, make it easy for them to opt out if they no longer wish to receive texts at all. Not only is this courteous, but it’s also a money-saving move that ensures your marketing is laser-focused on those who are most likely to respond. You should also comply with the Do-Not-Call (DNC) registry, which consumers can sign up for if they don’t wish to receive telemarketing in general.

Get Started With Landline Remover

Text marketing and the holiday season are a match made in heaven—mostly because bulk texting is a cost-effective way to keep in touch with customers during these busy months. That being said, it’s only cost-effective if you do it right. Failing to scrub your marketing contact list of fake numbers, DNC registry numbers, and pesky landline numbers can derail your efforts and cost you big time.

Cue Landline Remover, the user-friendly text marketing solution. Using a CSV file of your contacts, we check every number in mere seconds. And just like that, you’ll know exactly which numbers are valid and which ones only stand to waste your money. Not only is Landline Remover the easy choice, but it’s also the budget-friendly one, too. With us, you’ll pay just $0.002 per number! Don’t let our impossibly competitive rates fool you into thinking you’ll get subpar service, either. We ensure our DNC registry uses data no more than 72 hours old straight from the Federal and State levels.

The best part of it all? You don’t have to take our word for any of it. Sign up now and receive 1000 free credits to see what Landline Remover can do for yourself. That’s our gift to you this holiday season. What are you waiting for?