Sms Templates: Ten Most Creative Holiday Texts Of This Year

Emma Brown
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Ten Most Creative Holiday SMS Templates of This Year

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The winter months are the perfect time to bring the holiday spirit straight to your customers’ phones. All it takes is getting creative with the right SMS marketing strategy. Use these jolly SMS templates to enhance your messaging and inspire customers to act this holiday season.

Holiday SMS Template Tips

These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone without a cell phone. That’s what makes SMS marketing the quickest, most effective way to deliver your brand messaging to your audience. Services like Landline Remover know this and aim to help streamline that process entirely. Before crafting your perfect template, consider these best practices for writing compelling holiday SMS templates for your customers—but only if you're serious about grabbing your target market's attention this holiday season!


Timing is key in bulk SMS marketing. Use a holiday calendar to track when you want your messages to reflect the season. Consider other relevant times, too—like your business’s opening hours or traffic times that have most people on their phones in your area. If your holiday marketing promotes a sale or event, ensure that you give your customers enough warning to actually make use of it.


While no one’s upset to read a lovely "Seasons Greetings" text message, "Seasons Greetings, Matthew!” takes it a step further and shows your customers you appreciate them as people, rather than as numbers. Personalized bulk SMS marketing may seem overwhelming, but Landline Remover can make it a snap.

Get to the Point

You and your customers are busy. Some phones have character limits. While a fun-loving "Night Before Christmas" parody showcasing your product may be cute, few have time to read one. Balance warm, inviting messaging with concise, to-the-point texts. Between wrapping last-minute presents and deconstructing the fort their kids made on winter break, your customers will thank you for the consideration.

Build Your Bond

It goes without saying that building strong customer relationships is key to any business. But, did you know you could hone them via SMS text messages, too? That happens naturally as they continually see your name light up their phone. In that same breath, be sure to comply with both ethical and legal guidelines by giving them clear opportunities to opt in or out of your messaging campaigns.

Call to Action

Above all else, ensure that all your SMS templates include a call to action. You want each message to drive meaningful engagement within your business. Use calls to action to direct users to your company through web links, phone numbers, or even directions to your brick-and-mortar store.

Creative Holiday SMS Templates

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Now armed with essential texting tips and tricks, you’re ready to kick off your holiday marketing campaign with these creative holiday SMS templates.

Customer Engagement Templates

Customer engagement templates build upon your existing relationships while inviting them to step through the digital door. Here are some great examples of them being put to work:

Appointment Reminder

Appointment reminders remind customers of their existing appointments or encourage them to book altogether.

Example: [NAME], it's cold outside. Warm up inside with us at your [TIME] appointment. Need to reschedule? Let us know [LINK/PHONE]!

Example: [NAME], gift yourself some self-care before the season starts! Spots are filling up fast. Book your appointment online: [URL].

Brand Engagement

Inform your audience and promote brand awareness all in one go with your SMS templates. Do you have any new tips or tricks to help them get through the season? Link your latest content.

Example: [NAME], need some great gift ideas? Check out some of the leading gift-giving trends this holiday season: [URL]


Conversational holiday SMS templates ask your audience to engage with you with a simple conversation. Ask them questions and chat it up!

Example: Hey, [NAME]! As a frequent customer of [COMPANY], we thought you'd like to know about our new holiday item and a few deals just for you: [URL]

Example: Holiday greetings, [NAME]! We have some excellent products this season. Want to see them year-round? Please send us a quick text letting us know which you’d be interested in seeing year-round! Learn more at [URL]. Text STOP to stop receiving texts.

Retail and eCommerce Templates

Do you have a magical holiday experience awaiting your customers, online or in-house? Retail and eCommerce templates can drive traffic to both. Furthermore, remember that either online or in-person customers may want items shipped to their homes. Be sure to offer shipping notification updates to keep the festivities alive.


Example: The holiday flash sale is only available now through December 23! For an extra 25% off all items, use: CHRISTMAS. Shop now: [URL].


Example: This Christmas Eve, you can take advantage of unbeatable deals at [COMPANY]. Get up to 50% off select items only in-store on Boxing Day!

Shipping Confirmations

Example: Santa's sleigh is on the way! [NAME], your package is expected to arrive [DATE]. For more updates, visit [LINK].

Gift Giving and Promotional Templates

Companies participate in promotional campaigns and other gift-giving trends each holiday season. Offer your customers gift-giving services to help them find the item they need this season. Keep in mind that these SMS marketing materials are time sensitive and should be relayed as such.

Time Sensitive - Holiday Promotions

Example: Christmas is just three days away! Shop last-minute deals at [COMPANY]. We’ve got just the thing to bring smiles to your loved ones. SMS STOP to opt out.

Gift Services

Example: Hey [NAME]! Want help finding something special for the one you love? Ask our team! We can help you find the perfect gift to put under the tree this holiday season. Text SANTA to get started. Text Stop to unsubscribe.


Example: This season, we want to thank you, [NAME]. We appreciate all you've given us this year and we want to give back! Use the code XMAS25 to redeem 25% off in our online store and receive a surprise gift at checkout. Visit us online: [URL]

Seasons Greeting Templates

Seasons Greetings SMS templates remind your customers that you are here for them this holiday season. Landline Remover can help ensure your holiday sparkle lands in all the right hands.

Example: Hello, [NAME]. Just wishing you and your loved ones the best this winter! Learn about some of our holiday deals or our seasonal polls online: [URL]. Text STOP to unsubscribe from our SMS list.

Make Your Messages Matter

For effective SMS templates, focus on your customers! Be considerate of their time by crafting concise, appropriately timed text messages. Personalize their interactions with you and inject a little magic into their holiday season through some unique and creative SMS templates. Most importantly, make sure you’re using an effective strategy to get your messages into the right hands. Rather than manually sifting through hundreds or even thousands of phone numbers, use Landline Remover to streamline your SMS bulk marketing today!