5 Reasons You Need A Mentor On The Job In 2022

Emma Brown
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You might think that a mentor would provide the most value right at the beginning of your
career, and this may be true. However, it's also true that a good mentor can help you throughout
the duration of your career, sometimes even through retirement. Whether you're a novice or a
veteran worker, you can benefit by having a mentor at your side to help you with achieving your
career goals.

Maybe after a few years, complacency sets in, and you notice that your objectives seem to be
slipping away. This is a great time to avail yourself to guidance from your mentor, to reinvigorate
you, and keep you on track.

Having a Sounding Board

Your mentor is the perfect person to bounce ideas off of and get feedback that can be 
essential for your career. When you're undecided about something - maybe a career change -
your mentor can provide an objective point of view that helps clarify some things for you.
Your mentor might also help by saving you time and effort and preventing you from going
down the wrong pathways. They may have faced similar issues and can spare you
from making the same mistakes.

Increased Energy

Conversations with mentors often result in renewed interest and energy
about particular goals you have. Mentors have a way of lifting you out of the doldrums and
refreshing your outlook on life, business, and other issues. Sometimes they even help to get you
involved with healthy activities outside of work that contribute to your engagement and interest.

Life Experience Lessons

In many cases, a mentor can provide valuable lessons from life experience since they
may have lived through similar situations. They might be able to tell you what kinds
of skills you'll need to advance to the position you want, or they might advise you against getting
involved in a particular area. Your mentor will undoubtedly have overcome some, possibly similar,
obstacles and challenges, and they can pass along to you how they managed to overcome
those obstacles.


By taking advantage of your mentor's network, you might end up with twice as many contacts in
your industry, and any of them could prove valuable to you in your career advancement. If
your mentor doesn't have the answer to a thorny issue you're dealing with, it's entirely possible
that they can draw on their network of colleagues to find a suitable solution.

Career Advancement

An excellent mentor will help you to keep your eye on the prize and stay focused on what you
need to do to advance your career. This might involve developing more skills, improving 
self-confidence, learning more about your chosen field or networking to a more significant advantage.
Along the way, you may learn much more about yourself, and you will undoubtedly make
many more significant contacts. All this can better position you to accomplish your career goals
and get the ultimate position you’ve always wanted.