Upcoming Textdrip Webinar Featuring Time Management Expert, Brad Aeon

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This live webinar event will be held on June 24, 2022 at 10:30 a.m. Brad Aeon is an Assistant
Professor at the School of Management Sciences at the University of Quebec in Montreal.
Brad’s specialty is conducting research on the history, sociology, and philosophy of time
management. His research focuses on the best methods for individuals to achieve their goals
and objectives while also lowering their stress levels and being able to live more meaningful

About Brad Aeon

Many of Brad's insights and ideas have been featured in some of the most popular media
outlets around the world including The Harvard Business Review, BBC News, The Huffington
Post, Entrepreneur magazine, along with a host of others. Brad’s TEDx Talk from 2017 titled
"The Philosophy of Time Management" was geared toward having people reflect on their
relationship and usage of time, so they can live a more mindful existence. Brad poses his
infamous question to his followers - "Do you live for today, or do you prepare for tomorrow?"
This can be one of the most important questions of our lives, and yet few people actively pay
attention to this quandary.

Brad's research has taught him that our relationship with time is something we should be
mindful of at all times. Brad found that time has a way of slipping away quickly, often times
before we've had the chance to accomplish anything meaningful in our lives. His studies and
research suggests that people will achieve a higher quality of life if they simply emphasize the
importance of time more in their lives. Contrary to this, Brad found that many people simply just
react to events throughout the day. For this reason, Brad has made it his mission to enlighten,
inform, and educate people about how to make best use of time.

What will be covered in the webinar

During the webinar, Brad will cover the recent history of time management followed by a focus
on how people currently manage their time. Brad will discuss how time management has
changed drastically by the impact of COVID-19, especially for individuals who are still working
from home. Brad will discuss how individuals can use time to their advantage in order to achieve
a happier work-life balance, while still accomplishing all your objectives in life. He will impart
some of the most useful information that he has discovered through years of research. It is
Brad’s goal for listeners to find relevance and meaning through his content.

Brad will also discuss how better time management has improved his own life, helping him to
enjoy life to the fullest, while also helping him to remain mindful about properly preparing for the
future. Listeners will be encouraged to follow suit, and make the best use of their time to
become better prepared for the future, while also enjoying every present moment possible.

Individuals tuning in to this webinar, will undoubtedly take home some excellent advice and
some keen insights into how to have a better relationship with time management.